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Tick Borne Diseases

Irritations and infections are caused at the site of tick bites due to the presence of pathogens. Ticks are infected with bacteria including Rickettsia, viruses or parasites and cause diseases like Lyme disease, Q Fever, Colorado Tick Fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, African tick bite fever, Tick paralysis, Tick Borne relapsing fever, Tularemia, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, tick-borne Meningoencephalitis and Bovine Anaplasmosis. Due to ticks, dogs can have mild to severe infestations that can cause blood loss, weight loss or even death. People who are engaged in farming, landscaping, construction, forestry, park or wildlife management, oil field work etc can get exposed to ticks and become vulnerable to diseases. Infected persons may experience fever, headaches, joint pain, rashes, stiff neck or facial paralysis.

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