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Mission Pest Control

3507 San Benito,
Mission, TX 78572
Phone:(956) 424-3758


When it comes to pest control services in Mission, no one can surpass the level of expertise and services provided by Excellent Pest Control. We specialize in protecting your home and office from pests like ants, bed bugs, roaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, bees, spiders, and various other common pests. We know that keeping them away from your property is not a one-time activity, but a year-round process. Thus, we provide pest control services throughout the year.


For your convenience and immediate attention, call 956-682-2040 or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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Common Pest

How to kill bed bugs?

It is not easy to eliminate bed bugs and in most cases, there is a need for a pest control treatment by experts. They can live more than a year without eating. So, it is not uncommon if they can also be found in unoccupied rooms. The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services have recommended certain important measures for exterminating bed bugs.

How to kill ticks?

Ticks can be controlled by cleaning the infested areas like house or kennels thoroughly. Insecticide sprays and dusts can be applied to harborage areas like dog houses and structures occupied by pests. Guineafowl, a bird species that can consume mass quantities of ticks can be used to control ticks naturally. Methoprene can be used which is an insect growth regulator kills the eggs and prevents their growth. 

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