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Excellent Pest Control helps you get rid of unwanted rodents and insects from your commercial property. We know how sensitive and challenging it is to keep commercial/ Office building free from the nuisance of pests. Be it a restaurant, an office space, a grocery store or a saloon, it is important for the building to be pest free.


Common Commercial Infestations


Commercial buildings have a great potential for pest problems. Pests like rats, mice, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, termites and cockroaches can easily find their way inside the commercial buildings like restaurants, hotels etc. Their droppings and hair can cause allergies due to viruses and bacteria. This can greatly damage the reputation and brand name of businesses operating from those buildings. Common breeding areas for pests in commercial buildings include:


  • Food Storage Areas

  • Garbage cans and dumpster areas

  • Drains

  • Areas near entry doors

Apart from these, wooden furniture and cabinets can be infested with termites, kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks with cockroaches, basements with rats and mice causing infections and diseases. These rodents contaminate the environment which can be very detrimental to the health of the residents in these buildings. Without happy customers and employees, your business will most likely to cease. And this is why, it should be a priority for every business to have them controlled and eliminated with the help of pest control services. At Excellent Pest Control, we aim at removing the conditions in which pests breed and eliminate them from your facility.


Commercial Pest Control in Brownsville, McAllen TX


We take a consistent and problem resolution approach towards making your property pest free. No matter what the size of your business, our trained pest control technicians will perform their best and give you the results you desire. They first perform inspection in and around your property to ascertain the type of infestation. Accordingly, we customize a pest control program that is unique for your facility, taking into consideration the characteristics of your building and the surroundings around it. With the process of fumigation, we seal the area like a fortress to be cleared and release the fumigant to poison the pests. After successfully eliminating the pests we perform the cleanup services to ensure your area is perfectly clean from all infestations. We consistently monitor the area and send you detailed reports of the actions we have taken to remove the pests.

The strategies we adopt are safe for you and your facility.


When you partner with us to solve your pest related worries, you are taking the first smart step to safeguard your buildings and properties from the invaders of your property. We at Excellent Pest Control are committed to minimize all your concerns related to pests and problems they cause you.


For more information on the services we provide for commercial buildings, feel free to contact Excellent Pest Control Services, in McAllen and Brownsville at (956) 682-2040 or (956) 424-3758.




Infestation of pests within your house creates nuisance and can be a threat to your health as well as your property. If your home has been invaded by unwanted pests, we at Excellent Pest Control can help you get rid of them. We are a leading pest control company providing quality and affordable pest control and extermination services to residential properties in McAllen, Brownsville, Mission and Edinburg, TX. Our skilled and well-trained pest control specialists use state-of-the-art procedures to eliminate pests, without causing any harm to your family members or pets.


Common Residential / Home Infestations


Some of the most common residential pest infestations include cockroaches in kitchen, bed bugs in bedrooms, fleas and moths in carpets, rodents in attic, termites in furniture etc. Excellent Pest Control provides pest control services tailored to your home requirements. With years of experience, training and use of latest technology, we are able to provide your home with the best protection possible. No matter what type of property you own, we treat pest infestations for all. We make sure that we completely treat the pest problem keeping your family’s health and safety in mind. We educate homeowners about the various pest treatment methods we provide (explaining their benefits as well as drawbacks), so that they can make a sound decision about the pest control treatment for their properties. In addition to eliminating the pests inside residential properties, we also provide pest control treatment for yards.


Residential / Home Pest Control in Brownsville, McAllen TX


In order to eliminate the pests in your home, our pest control experts will first discover all potential places from where the pests are entering your house and are hiding in. After determining which pest species has infested your property, we will create an effective pest control program to eliminate them. We will fix the entry points of the pests through minor repairs and trap/kill the pests using the most advanced pest control methods. As part of our pest control program, we will also treat the area to keep the pests from returning.


How Our Fumigation Process Helps


  • Fumigation is one of the quickest ways to control infestation.

  • It reaches the ‘hardest to reach’ places and corners and places of your house.

  • Complete elimination of all kinds of pests, including the virus-carrying insects that devalue human health.

  • Fumigation in gardens and yards helps control pests such as white grubs, crickets, aphids, etc. It also improves the conditions of your garden.

Don't let any unwanted Pest make your life a misery! Call Excellent Pest Control today at (956) 682-2040 for a consultation regarding pest extermination services in McAllen, Brownsville, Mission and Edinburg, TX. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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